StarChild Engineering Solutions

Company History/Background

StarChild Engineering Solutions was established in 2014, following on the founders experience at the CSIR (Council for Scientific & Industrial Research) and Tiger Brands. With 14yrs of experience in the areas of Food processing, Bioprocessing and Fine Chemicals, the company is providing a service with focus on product and process development making it more affordable to prospective entrepreneurs who wish to take their ideas from conceptual to commercial stage. It allows clients an affordable route to professionally evaluate the merit of their idea before embarking on a costly campaign of investing and starting up a new business venture. For existing businesses StarChild also offers support services in the areas of GMP, Quality and Food Safety Systems development.


Areas that we have experience in are:

Food products & processes

Bio products & processes

Toll Manufacture & FMCG

In addition to our knowledge of a multitude of products and processes across various disciplines, we can also provide guidance in the selection of process equipment from pilot to full scale production.

NB Certain products and processes or technologies may be licensed or patented therefore it is imperative that the client is aware of this prior to embarking on setting up a business establishment. We can also conduct studies on intellectual property to assist the client in making a well informed decision.

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